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Life brings each of us different, unexpected paths with unknown obstacles and open doors. Through these paths, we learn to steady our feet to figure out where to plant them fully and where to barely touch the surface of the earth. It may take trial and error, but we find our lives taking shape. There are so many nuances within life that affect every single sense of who we are and what our lives look like. When unwanted, uncontrolled obstacles arise, like chronic illness comes into play, the nuances of our lives become more exaggerated. Simple influences shift and change our world even more, making it sometimes feel like we are simply surviving rather than living within our life.

nu·ance (/n(y)o͞oˌäns/) : noun :

a subtle distinction or variation

What is Nuanced Living?

Nuanced Living was created for everyone who wants to live their best life despite their chronic illness. It is a resource for everyone walking down this path of chronic illness–not only for those of you who are personally experiencing it within your own bodies but also for those walking alongside in any capacity to someone who has it.

This is a safe place to be a resource of information: to give the right tools to help be strong advocates for our health care, show ways to be able to be engaged within life, to continue to grow our relationships, ways to be able to make life easier to soak in, ways to simply live beautifully despite everything that our bodies seem to have stripped, along with so many other topics that all show the nuances of how our lives can be affected by chronic illness and how we can grow despite it.

Note that each article is segmented into categories, but by no means should only the intended audience read those articles. Everyone should read all of them and talk to each other about them, and come talk to me about it! It can be amazing what we can learn from one another!

Where to start? Here are a few post to check out!

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Who am I?

Hello, my name is Lindy Jacoby, Founder of Nuanced Living! Several different chronic illnesses have shifted and shown the vast array of nuances throughout my life. I was born with a congenital heart defect, which affected my life fairly silently, but when I was twenty-five it was discovered and threatened my existence. Throughout my life, I suffered with several chronic illnesses that affected my life, but my understanding about chronic illnesses was very different than it is now. Once my heart issue was discovered, surgery was a must, but it brought even more complications and chronic illnesses to my life.

Pre-surgery, I struggled with different health issues, but I lived a pretty “typical” life; I went to college and graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture, I was a professional designer for almost seven years (during and after school), I was a very active person embracing life. I had ups and downs within my life, but it was my diagnoses that drastically changed my life. I went from being able to feel that I could somewhat in control my life with a couple chronic illnesses to going through life by simply surviving. I have learned so much through the process!

Chronic illness is exactly that, it is chronic so it will always affect my life, but my mission in life is to be genuinely happy. It was so important for me to go from surviving to actually learning how my ever-shifting new normal could be the best it possibly could be. I wanted to be able to live the most beautiful life designed for me, despite my health. It so can be beautiful, along with being able to be the best advocates for ourselves within our health! I want you to be able to have the most incredible life, as well, and I want to learn with you how we can truly let ourselves keep blooming despite chronic illness!

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Thank you for coming! I can’t wait to learn with you to make the best of the ever-shifting new normal and to continually find inspiration for our lives with you and from you!

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