starting over to find the new normal


As life brings each of us different unexpected paths with obstacles and open doors, we learn to steady our feet and figure out where to plant them and where to barely touch the surface of the earth. My life is shaping into a vastly different world then I was heading in three years ago, like we all experience at some point in our lives. My shift is completely health related and the control my body has over me is constant. As I gather my thoughts to stepping away from a design based blog to focus on creating a community with everyone on finding our new normal together, I wanted to express that it is happening! Our lives can be drastically affected by chronic illness, so my goal is to come together with you so we can find our best new normal, which will look different on all of us. I want us all to keep moving forward no matter our pace or own goals and loving our life in the deepest ways. Come back, because I will be here soon!

Truly, Lindy


ps. There is going to be a lot of mistakes and links that lead no where till I go threw completely and clean up the blog, so please bear with me! Thank you!

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