starting over to find the new normal


As life brings each of us different unexpected paths with obstacles and open doors, we learn to steady our feet and figure out where to plant them and where to barely touch the surface of the earth. My life is shaping into a vastly different world then I was heading in three years ago, like we all experience at some point in our lives. My shift is completely health related and the control my body has over me is constant. As I gather my thoughts to stepping away from a design based blog to focus on creating a community with everyone on finding our new normal together, I wanted to express that it is happening! Our lives can be drastically affected by chronic illness, so my goal is to come together with you so we can find our best new normal, which will look different on all of us. I want us all to keep moving forward no matter our pace or own goals and loving our life in the deepest ways. Come back, because I will be here soon!

Truly, Lindy


ps. There is going to be a lot of mistakes and links that lead no where till I go threw completely and clean up the blog, so please bear with me! Thank you!

live your best life

Live your best life | Nuance Design |

Live your best life | Nuance Design | Live your best life | Nuance Design |

Nuance Design is truly about creating design around us that illuminates our best life. Each year will focus on array of concepts to help grasp the best of all different aspects from our lives. With Nuance Design in 2016 the focus topics are above to help each of us grow together beautifully! Today is just a glimpse into what is to come! There will be many different areas touched, but if you have anything that you would like to see or ideas, please let me know! I look forward to what this year will unfold with all of you!

{photo sources: all can be found on my pinterest, but for specifics; dog wrapped in towel from a house in the hills, ocean from the gifts of life, white piano from loppisl,  kitchen from decor pad, girl from the girl with the curl, towels from lindy jacoby, art from artchipel, plant from pinterest, beautiful exterior from bp, brownies from lindy jacoby, floral bunch from refinery29, black and white paint brushes from piccsy, white outfit from plum pretty sugar, coffee mug from elisabeth heire, cactus from olivia hamilton, notebook and pens from my dubio, two wolfhounds from dogs best man, all other images found on my pinterest!}

hello hello!

I'm Back! | - Nuance Design

Hello hello!

It is FINALLY time to say I AM BACK! Nuance Design is officially relaunched and will be posting again!

Through the past several months of stepping away from blogging (which was so challenging mentally to let go), I had to try to take care of myself due to health issues. Unfortunately during this time I wasn’t able to gain the recovery I wanted, rather I gained the understanding that this is my new normal. I live with multiple heart conditions that affect my life drastically, with chronic pain throughout almost my entire body, three chronic illnesses’ and many other issues that cause difficulty to every area of my life. I was hoping that this would change if I stepped away from life and just focused on my health, but as those who deal with any type of chronic illnesses’ we learn not only that this will never change, we learn how stir crazy we can get. Even if our body isn’t capable, our minds are racing to have somewhat of what cultures “normal” life consist of. I know that my life is not the typical “normal” now, but knowing that it won’t probably ever be allows me to grow into my own new normal. So as I was sitting stir crazy, mainly reading (which I was so grateful to be able to read and so love!), loads of cuddle time with my animals and feeling like my life was drifting away, I realized that I needed something, despite not really being able to do anything. I am here on this beautiful earth for some reason, I may not know that reason yet, but I know that it will gracefully show itself eventually. Till then blogging is my outlet of creating!

Blogging was a fun adventure I started in 2014 to just design and work on showing inspiration that I found through life. Nuance Design has been a fun outlet to not only let my spirit rise, but to know that I can still use the skills I have and the passion that fills my soul with happiness to hopefully inspire you. There will be a few differences from my last blog; design graphic changes (as you can see), a ton of new and different ideas, but mainly the drastic change is I will posting on a bases of what I can do. It is absolutely not my ideal, but being tired from pain or my heart acting up or sometimes unable to use my hands at all, I have to figure out what is a priority in my life so I can live my best life and fully bring the best always to you. I will be open about my journey on my blog, so for those who know someone dealing with chronic illnesses’ or have it please know I know what you are going through! This isn’t a chronic pain blog, it is a design blog and it is my life, which will affect how often I present things to you and for that I hope you can understand.

Nuance Design was created to bring and create beauty in unique ways to allow you to live your best life. Below is a little bit from my about section that best describes Nuance Design;

“Nuance Design blog was created to share design tips, inspiration from this beautifully stunning world, recipes (of course!), a little about my ridiculous life, but really a little from here and there that helps make our soul sing. This is a place to not only be a resource as a design tool to help you with any space or project you are working on, but to help you be inspired to design with the intent of creating the best environment to fully allow the best of you to bloom fully, no matter the scale. We are all so different and all should be able to be the best versions of ourselves we can be.”

I’m so excited to be here and to be working with you all! I so look forward to what this blog will bring! Feel free to contact me. Here’s to the reset button, for making the best of a new normal, a revamped blog, new collaborations and new friends!

Truly, Lindy

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